Pamela de Brí     Projects


The Broadstone Project

This is an art project based in the abandoned and condemned sheds situated beside the Bus Éireann depot in Broadstone, Dublin 2, which explores the history of the location and of the people who worked there. Consisting of a variety of media, and using some of the materials found in the sheds, the project ultimately seeks to express a sense of wonder and admiration for the skills used there.


The Midland Project

Converging art and social documentary, Midland - Lár Tíre: Cycling the MGWR from Past to Present is a bi-lingual multimedia project consisting of photographs, notebooks, maps, audio clips and video. The project is a response to research carried out in the National Photographic Archive (NPA). 


Little Stories Little Prints

A 1916 Commemorative Project through Printmaking


Sound Pieces

This project explores the nature of an aesthetic intervention. Who is to say that any of us have really done what we said we did? The documention is supposed to prove that we did but who’s to say that we did not fake or embellish the documentation? Take this aesthetic intervention, for example. You can see it, you can hear it but you cannot taste it or touch it or smell it. Is it real? Do you know what you are looking at? Do you believe that I have done all I said I did?